Tuesday, June 7, 2011

girls weekend

Hannah, Lily and I had a lovely weekend away in Sydney seeing Beth and James, while Paul, Noah and Isaac had a boys weekend back home - this is how we sold it to Noah!
We got some very good prices on flights from Wellington - but at horrible times - had to leave Palmy at 2.45am for the two hour journey to Wellington airport for the Saturday flight and got back to Wellington at 11.30pm last night so back home at 1.30am.
Joe was picking us up so I sent him a text saying we'd landed to which he replied "I thought it was 1am you got in not 11pm - have only just left home" luckily he was joking and was waiting for us once we got through passport control!
Lily gets so tired on these trips that we planned rest times for her, she stayed at the hotel and watched DVDs while Hannah, Beth and I went on into Sydney to Paddy's markets - and some cheap "Jimmy Choo" look alike bags, then to an ABBA exhibition at the powerhouse museum.
This was great, Beth laughed when I said "Look there's the album cover everyone has" because this really showed my age -its years since records went out. They had the costumes they wore to the Eurovision song contest and we sang along to some songs and were in tune 31% of the time!
James came into Sydney late afternoon with Lily and we all went to the show Mary Poppins. Some wonderful singing but not in the same league as Wicked which we saw when we were last there.
On Monday it was queens birthday w/e in NZ but an ordinary working day in Oz. Lily went to watch a movie with all our bags, and was the only one in the cinema while Hannah and I shopped in the MacQuarie centre.
they had an ABC shop and I managed to get a puppet teletubby which Isaac loves
We stopped in the city and had lunch with Beth, then onto the airport and home on a totally full flight, with "seat only" - no movies or food. Still its only 3 1/2 flight and was a great w/e.