Friday, June 15, 2012

life continues

I have just finished one of my massey exams, next one on Tues then I've finished my course!

Two days afterwards it's off to UK for Paul, Noah and I, having the holiday we missed over Xmas celebrating birthdays for Noah and me and attending a conference in Liverpool for Paul. Hannah is looking after Isaac her in NZ she volunteered after I foolishly said "It would be easier just to pay Isaac's fare to someone in NZ for caring for him rather than take him"
Lily seems to be enjoying flatting. They have a strict routine with menus and chores on a white board and she has someone to remind her to have showers etc. I worry about her getting cold but luckily the flat is well insulated and she sometimes remembers to wear a jumper!
Noah's school behaviour is a bit 'off' again. I got a phone call from his teacher who I think was trying to threaten him with "I'll phone your mum" and then had to follow through. Hopefully it's just because we're near the end of term and it will improve with some concentrated attention from Paul and I while on holiday.