Saturday, July 25, 2009

Paul's back

It is so lovely having Paul back home, even though his round the world in 11 days trip has left him extremely jet lagged and prone to fall asleep during tea!
Paul went to Boston to a conference then to North Wales to stay with his mum for 3 days and see his dad who is in a stroke unit. He was very grateful to have his opportunity to see them both.
Isaac can't tell us how he misses Paul so it's always good to see how happy he is when Paul gets back - he just hung to his trouser legs and followed him round everywhere.
Paul was soon back in the swing of things with Noah's behaviour - we went into town after collecting Noah from school and Noah managed to run off twice. The first time he ran upstairs in the car park after I'd told him not to, so I thought I'd back up a bit and stand somewhere where I could see him come downstairs but he couldn't see me to let him feel a bit worried. Needless to say this strategy didn't work, after about 5 minutes I wondered why he hadn't come back downstairs and looked over the railings to the shopping centre below to see Noah going happily up and down the escalators below - he had taken the lift down from the upper floor.
The second time we were walking past the court house which has glass panels at the front when Noah suddenly ran in, past the security guard, through the metal detector and down a corridor. The guard ran after him at first then obviously decided he shouldn't desert his place at the front desk so beckoned me through. I set off the metal detector but was still allowed to follow Noah upstairs (I guess if you found a very co-operative child with DS this would be a good way to smuggle a gun into the court house!) There were signs for the jury room and six courts but as I couldn't see Noah I had to call him so got a dirty look from a policeman guarding the door of court 3. We finally got down the stairs and outside again with some heart felt apologies from me.


Nan P. said...

Hi Angela, this post and the previous two demonstrate such patience in you. I would freak out every time something of the sort would happen. As for my screaming out, better not say anything about this...! I appreciate it must not be easy to remain calm and collected as you do most of the time, but you are an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me laugh so early in the morning. You sure have an interesting life.
I'm glad that Paul made it home safely too.