Monday, August 10, 2009

30th wedding anniversary

Just a quick update and apologies for not posting for so long
It was our 30th wedding anniversary last Tues and Hannah kindly looked after the kids so Paul and I could have a two day break in Martinborough (wine country) which was fantastic. We are having all the family here this w/e and having a party on Saturday. The invite is copied below - lots of people think it's Hannah but no that is me aged 22!

Paul is working like mad to make a DVD of the events of the past 30 years and I am supposed to be scanning in some stills of the many houses we have lived in (we've shifted 18 times I worked out) rather than blogging.

Thanks for the tips about Disneyland that people posted, they're going to be very helpful.

Lily has got her hearing aides and I have changed from cynical about whether or not she needed them to amazed at the difference. She keeps saying "Now I can hear ..... examples are the alarm on Isaac's feed pump, being called to unload the dishwasher, though the toilet door.

The hearing aides are red and black -very trendy- I will post a photo when I get a minute.


Anonymous said...

Happy 30th wedding anniversary! How exciting. I couldn't believe the photo. That is so cool.
Great news on Lily's hearing aides too.
Hugs from Bridget

FAScinated said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the pictures! ~Kari