Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas dance show

We had a great Down syndrome Christmas party at our house with about 70 people here (lots of different families to last year though) The Jorjaz dance group performed two numbers and tonight is their big show in front of an audience of 180.
The local free paper featured them (Lily on the right with the photo caption - Blissing out: Lily Harper is a natural performer) and there was also this typical Lily quote in the text
"Lily Harper who works at Farmers, has been with the group since its early days. She said Mr Martin, who took over from Georgia, is an awesome teacher.
"Everybody likes him, he's funny, plus he's really awesome at acting as well."
Acting is Miss Harper's other love and her current muse is High Laurie as Dr Gregory House.
Unlike Miss Harper, her boyfriend Elliot Cole is not a natural performer.
Miss Harper said she is the better dancer, but "he is my boyfriend so I have to encourage him."

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BridgetPirie said...

Wow, that is so fantastic. You must be very proud of Lily.