Monday, May 18, 2009

Monsters vs aliens cast by Noah

We had a lovely lazy weekend. As Paul was going to a conference in Australia for the w/e and we are having so many issues with J, we asked if she could go for respite and it was granted! So from leaving for school on Friday morning until Sunday evening I didn't see J and instead could concentrate on Noah.
On Friday night we watched Pinocchio (saying it will help him understand the Pinocchio ride when we go to Disneyland in August)and ate popcorn and take-away pizza.

On Saturday we caught the bus into town, had breakfast at McDonalds and then went to see Monsters vs Aliens. There were only 3 families in the cinema so I didn't have to worry about any noise Isaac made. Noah has seen the movie before and has cast all our family as different characters.
He is the monster BOB, who is basically a blob of blue jelly. Unfortunately BOB says "I haven't got a brain" and Noah has taken to saying this too, which I don't think sits well with having Down syndrome.
The beautiful heroine (which both I and Hannah wanted to be) role has gone to Lily.
Hannah is the "Missing Link" Isaac is the rocket ship J is doctor cockroach, and Paul is the giant robot.

I am insectasourus, a monster that saves the day by becoming a butterfly and rescuing the monsters on its back - I was thinking I might be quite a beautiful character, but no, insectasourous is a big fat hairy thing!
I don't know how Noah worked out which character was which family member but he will not swerve from them!
After the movie we went to the new cafe Chocolato which serves hot chocolate (made with real melted chocolate) and gelatos. It is like a tiny bit of San Francisco in Palmerston North.
We walked all the way home from town which meant Noah was nicely tired for the rest of the day.
Sunday it poured we rain all day so we barely left the house (I went out to buy the Sunday papers and in the short time I was away Isaac managed to pull on his button and get it bleeding again). Our trisomy tribe were so much more peaceful with J away, and it was lovely not to be asked all the time "What are we doing next?"
Usually I really miss Paul when he's away but luckily Boston Legal season 5 dvds arrived from amazon on Friday and even with watching every hour the kids were in bed, I haven't managed to watch all the episodes yet!

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Mel said...

Thank you- I haven't laughed that much in ages!Noah, you are a card ;)