Thursday, May 21, 2009

Isaac and the phone

This is our lovely Isaac wearing some orange dungarees that were Noah's. These are the first of Noah's cast offs that I've kept for him - we got rid of all Noah's baby clothes never thinking we'd have another child as I was 42 and we hadn't then even dreamt we'd adopt again.

Yesterday morning I couldn't find our upstairs phone and remembered I'd seen Isaac playing with it earlier (he often points it at the TV hoping to change channels)
I pressed the button on it's stand and traced the noise to the bath in the children's bathroom.

Later on in the day, I didn't even notice the phone was missing, but as I went to use the toilet realised there was something in it (luckily before not after using the toilet) and recovered a very wet phone with a tide mark on the screen.

Now our aga is supposed to be good at everything - you can even revive half-dead newborn lambs in the warming oven, but unfortunately it does not seem able to revive wet phones!!

More news of Isaac from today's paediatric appointment; he's being booked in for an EEG as the funny eye movements he does could well be absence seizures. He's also starting on Losec again to see if that will help his tummy pain and maybe the skin round his button. We've been given some free samples of creams to try around his button to try to help the redness too.
Also the best news of all, he has put on one whole kilogram and weighs 12kg - maybe the new high calorie formula of nutrini is helping!


Anonymous said...

Oh no, your poor phone. Great news on Isaac's weight gain though. Very impressive. I love the photo too.
Have a great day,

Nan P. said...

That is a brilliant photo of Isaac, he looks so grown up there!

So an aga can't fix wet phones? Pity, from reading you I was starting to think it had super powers! ;-)