Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Isaac's birthday

It's hard to believe our little boy is five!!
We know exactly what things he likes so bought him three books about animals. He had a lot of help opening them from Noah and Lily then Heidi wanted to play with the wrapping paper while Isaac read the book.
We also got a toy kitchen without being sure he would like it (I have a lot of toys in my house that are very popular with visiting children but never played with by my own children!) but actually it has four doors (rather like the aga in fact!) and Isaac loves opening and closing doors so it has been a hit. Heidi is also very pleased as it has a toy phone with it - it is so funny to hear this 18 month old little girl putting on a phone voice! (she has no words but great expression!)

Noah bought Isaac the Dr Seuss 'Happy Birthday' book from the Dr Seuss exhibition in Woodville but this is really for Noah. It was a lovely exhibition and the curator of the art gallery was impressed when he heard Noah naming lots of the pictures so came to talk to us. Noah is now convinced that he's met Dr Seuss!

We spent the day getting Heidi ready for an access visit for which mum didn't turn up - like the previous four, then this afternoon Isaac celebrated his birthday with a hospital appointment with the dietitian. Tonight Lily and her helper will make tea (I think it's pasta) and we have cake with five candles on for dessert.


Nan P. said...

Isaac has got so big! I remember reading your blog for his 3rd birthday, shortly after I stumbled upon it. There was a cake, but he was not eating it... I remember felling very sad for him at the time. Such a difference since then, since he is no longer tube-fed.

Happy birthday Isaac!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Isaac! Wow, I can't believe he is a big 5-year old.
That Dr Seuss exhibition looked amazing too.
Take care,