Wednesday, September 29, 2010

school holidays

As always school holidays aren't going quite as planned.
On Monday I took Heidi (and Noah and Isaac of course at its the holidays) to meet 'nana' - the family member who lives 8 hours away who will become her permanent caregiver. I took various toys with me in the hope of entertaining our boys so I would be free to discuss Heidi. There were two adults and two little girls (aged 2 and 5 who are cousins not sisters so I'm a bit confused who they belong to) there and we had a good introductory meeting with Heidi returning to my side occasionally.
I didn't realise that the plan was for her to go and spend the rest of the day with her relatives, but luckily had a bit of extra food and clothes packed (no spare nappies as both Isaac and Heidi had already needed changing by that point!) so off she went and that gave me a bit of unexpected time to spend with the boys in town. - Noah was very pleased when we bought some junior meccano for him (I just have to disregard the bit that says age 4 plus as he's 11) and had an early lunch at Mc Donalds.
Heidi was returned back about half past four very exhausted, (this is not the optimum type plan for introducing children to new caregivers) Isaac had hardly eaten all day and had several dirty nappies, so they both had a bath and quickly to bed.
Yesterday I had to take all three children to the hospital as Heidi had a check up appointment for children in care. We also wanted to get Isaac weighed - except by that time he had barely eaten for 3 days and I wasn't so keen on seeing how little he weighed, but he was up by 200g and has now just passed the magic 12kg mark once again. Hopefully when he's well he will return to the 12.2kg he weighed last Christmas.
Heidi weighed 10.35kg (she is 17 months old compared to Isaac's 60 months!) so she has gained 1.4kg in her eleven weeks with us (900g in the first 4 weeks). The social worker was there for the appointment and was amazed at the change in Heidi - she is just a typical toddler now.
It was good to have a chat to the social worker as I was expecting as the relatives obviously did that Heidi would be going back with them at the end of the week, but it seems the approval process hasn't all been completed so the plan was for Heidi to spend 4 hours with them today and then they'd drive the 8 hours home.
We have a student nanny for two days so I said to Noah that while Heidi was out, the nanny could have sole charge of Isaac and Noah and I could go to the movies.
But now everything has changed
in the middle of last night's home group Heidi was sitting on my lap as she was a bit unsettled when she did an amazingly big vomit - oh our family does liven up homegroup -she repeated this at 2am and then took an hour to settle.
This means that obviously there is some kind of bug that both Isaac and Heidi have (and please don;t let it go through the rest of the family!) I managed to contact the social workers and 'nana' has decided to forgo her visit with Heidi and instead drive 8 hours next week to see her.
So now we're stuck at home all day with sick children - just what I love for school holidays!
Still we have the nanny again tomorrow and I'm hoping Heidi will be well enough to leave then so the nanny says she'll look after both Isaac and Heidi so Noah and Lily (who has Thursday as her day off) can come with me to see Despicable me.

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