Sunday, March 11, 2012

a week with Rachel

Rachel is trying to sort out her newly independent life following her break-up with Adam her partner of 6 years. She has been living in Auckland with Adam's mum while Adam lives in Queenstown but this is obviously not sustainable. This week she managed to get a lift to Palmy to spend the week with us. It was not a good start when the hidden key I'd told her about was not there and she had to sit in the garden for 2 hours before anyone came home!!
Anyway we had a nice week and especially enjoyed this natural technique she has of keeping a tidy house around her and all her help with the boys. She let Noah use her lap top a bit until he tried to trace the route all the way from Palmerston to Auckland on Google street view!
Rachel did train as a nanny so she is vaguely wondering about a live-in nanny job in Auckland or UK, but she also has some interviews for receptionist jobs.
Paul had a busy week with Wednesday in Hawera, Thursday in Christchurch and Friday in Sydney. He managed to do Sydney and back in a day - leave Christchurch airport at 7am and get back to Auckland at midnight - and his meeting there was just at an airport hotel so he did not get to see Beth.
However Beth will be in Auckland next weekend as she is being the sponsor (not sure if that's the right word) when her friend Gracie is admitted to the bar. Hopefully Joe, Sam< Beth and Rachel will all meet up and celebrate Joe's 30th birthday which was on Friday. We can;t go as Hannah is bridesmaid at another wedding which we've all been invited to.
Noah is doing pretty well, although we should possible take out shares in 'pull-ups' and 'brolly-sheets' - one of my least pleasant experiences of the week was sniffing a brolly sheet to see is it belonged on the clean or dirty washing pile! He has an outpatient surgery appointment and X-Ray booked in Palmy this week and I thought we'd go if only so that news of his Wellington surgery gets documented in his Palmy notes.
Paul wants me to write that he has launched a medical app which made it to the top ten charts for apple medical apps in certain countries (for example having two downloads in Ecuador puts you in the top ten there). It is free and about dosing dabigitran so I have no idea why any readers of my blog would be interested!! but the link is here. He had a letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine and some of the follow up to that mentioned his app so he has now had over a thousand downloads.
Joe is not that impressed as his games just click red and goo up are bringing him in some money as opposed to fame.

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