Monday, June 1, 2009

Queen's Birthday Honours

Today in NZ is Queen's birthday holiday - it seems a strange holiday to have here as it's not even celebrated in England, also it is neither the real nor official birthday of the Queen. I think it may be Queens Victoria's birthday or something.
Anyway it is the day that NZ honours are announced.
Four people in Palmerston North got honours and we know three of them - how's that for feeling part of the community.
Kevin O'Sullivan became a member of the NZ order of merit. He is a lovely man who lived just down the road from us when we first moved from UK to Palmerston. He was a lawyer and told me his LLB stood for "Lifelong love of the Bible" When I wanted to improve services for children with special needs he very graciously set up two trusts for me for free - the ABCD group (Aiming for the Best for Children with DS) which is still going strong (and I can still remember the buzz of the evening we started it with 22 people gathered in our front room) and the PANDAS trust (Palmerston North Development, assessment and support centre) which was to be a centre similar to Christchurch's Champion centre but unfortunately did not get off the ground.
Richard Isaacs also became a member of the NZ order of merit. He is one of Paul's colleagues -an oncologist with an interest in breast cancer who treated private patients with herceptin at cost value. He also entered this years coast to coast (the two day race) and was delighted so many people were cheering for him at the finish when he was suddenly overtaken by the winner of the one day race!
Lew Findlay got a Queen's service medal. He is a city councillor who does a lot of work with homeless and addicted people. It is his daughter Sarah who is Lily's IHC support worker and takes her to her drama class on Tuesday evening.

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Richard said...

You had me going there for a minute, when I first saw the title of this post I thought maybe yext you or Paul had got a mention! Maybe next year!