Saturday, June 20, 2009

Clever Isaac

It's easy to treat Isaac like a little baby as he is so small, but from time to time he does something new and I begin to realise he is growing up.
On Friday we went to the new "Mainly music" group our church has started. Isaac did go to a group before and it was four weeks before he would even take part. However numbers at this group were so small (just Isaac at the start although 4 other little girls turned up later) that he joined in quite a bit even copying the sign for quiet (shhh) although a lot later than everyone else.
Then this morning when the alarm on his feed pump went off, he reached his hand out of his cot to try to turn the pump off! He didn't manage to (We have to ask Noah if we want that done) but it shows Isaac does pay some attention to what's going on around him.
This evening they had a disco organised by the Sunday school at church (with quite a high proportion of children with special needs) and Isaac started off hating the noise and being quite clingy but gradually really joined in and started trying to jump - basically stamping one foot on the floor. He played with lots of different kids who are all really good at including him and looking after him.

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Anonymous said...

That's really great about Isaac trying to turn the pump off. Very clever.
Thanks for all your info on the tube feeding. At the moment, our biggest hurdle is the pump waking Pete up 8 or more times a night with it's noise. Then we have to go in and check on him. Any suggestions? Do you need to keep it beside the bed, or could I stick it in a box as far away as possible? Maybe even under the bed?