Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"I hate your humming"

Noah often shouts at me on the way home from school "I hate your humming". Often I'm not even aware I was humming, but my daughters assure me I hum all the time. They say that in public toilets they can always work out which toilet I'm in by the humming.
I was saying to Noah that maybe instead of really drawing attention to me by shouting he could use a code word to let me know I'm humming. Noah has recently watched the film 'chicken little' and for some reason has chosen the code phrase "a piece of the sky" (which I think is from this film).
Over the past weekend even Paul heard "a piece of the sky" many times -I think he has caught my habit.

Today we are hoping for a new way of curing the humming habit. It's my birthday and I got an I-Pod. I am not exactly technology literate and Hannah has spent a lot of time showing me how short-tempered she can be when I ask her advice on using I-tunes. (Let me immediately say she has also been very very kind today and looked after Isaac for a long time and taken him to Kindy so I can have my hair done)
Hannah transferred a bit of music from the computer and I listened to it as I walked to town. Unfortunately I didn't know how to work the volume so it rather blared into my ears. I also didn't know how to change songs so soon discovered that old gospel favourites don't provide a very good rhythm for walking!

It did stop me humming but when no-one was close I did give into the urge to sing along very loudly!

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Anonymous said...

Ok, this has just been the funniest blog I have ever read.
Thank you for making my day,