Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lazy school holidays

On Sunday morning Paul and I were lying in bed talking about what questions he might be asked when he does his talk about inr online to possible American investors. Hannah came in and said "Aren't we going to church then?" which was when we realised it had gone 9.30!

Instead we made pancakes for breakfast and had such a lazy day where we didn't even leave the house! Paul cannot remember when he last had a day like that and it is quite beneficial for Noah who seems to really need the holiday time to wind down. He is quite happy to spend an hour or more colouring - only using one colour per page and singing in a droney kid of voice. I'm happy to play on the game I've rediscovered on the computer -the Road to Eldorado, so we're planning a few more lazy days.
We are still feeding Isaac 500ml of Nutrini overnight then giving fluids through the day as he needs them. He is eating a little better but seems to have no control of his tongue so most food comes straight out. We've tried putting the stuff he doesn't finish down his tube. The baby foods tins are very smooth puree and today we tried kiwi crush which we hope will help his constipation.
We bath him in clean water (no soap I mean!) and encourage him to feed a doll. I thought these photos were so cute!

Hannah went to a 1920's style ball with her uni christian fellowship. Her friends came here to get ready and I though they all looked great!


Nan P. said...

I agree with you, these photos of Isaac "feeding" the doll are very cute! :-)

I truly believe that slowly, but surely, he will get there.

Mel said...

Looks like Isaac is making huge progress with his eating. He has grown so much since I last saw him!

Richard said...

Have you left the country Angela???

How did Isaac's birthday go?