Thursday, October 22, 2009

See Isaac eat!

Paul took some video of Isaac to try out the video bit of his new i-phone and has now played around with getting them on the computer so I hope they work.

The top one is on the day before his birthday when he wanted to eat but didn't fully know how. The one below wearing the green bib is a few days later as his eating is improving.

Tomorrow the speech language therapist is visiting and in two weeks time we have a dietician appointment, so we are getting back in the system again now that Isaac has made such progress.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what great videos. It looks like Isaac is eating better than Pete now. And I loved seeing his happy grin.
Well done Isaac!

Richard said...

Thats awesome Angela! Heather and I are thrilled for you with the progress that Issac is making. A certain young Kristy got very excited when she heard his voice too!

Mel said...

Love the videos- and lovely to hear Isaac chatting away. He's such a star with the eating so quickly.

Nan P. said...

We can take so many skills for granted, just because we acquired them very early in life, like putting food in our mouth, tasting it, chewing it, swallowing it – in short, the basic yet complex survival skill of eating. I found myself getting quite emotional watching Isaac going through this learning process.

Thank you for reminding me that NOTHING is as easy as I think.

And I love his triumphant smile at the end of the 2nd video.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome ! My little boy is the same age and the eating is quite an accomplishment, well done ! PS. Isaac is soooo cute : )