Tuesday, October 20, 2009

remembering fostering and adoption

I've been so obsessed with Isaac's feeding recently (still proceeding but slowly, not at the pace I'd like!) that it's been good today to do something else. The fostering agency CYFS put on a talk about the importance of the first three years of life run by the Brain wave trust. it was great about the importance of attachment etc and in typical NZ fashion I discovered the presenter was someone I know - Pauline Allen who used to be one of the therapists at ABCD early intervention group.
It was from 6pm to 8pm so I walked into town and met Paul for a hurried tea at Subway at 5.35
We then raced back for homegroup held at our house staring at 7.30 (Hannah was going to let everyone in for us)
Lots of people are sick though so it was cancelled which means we can sit down to watch an English documentary called "Adopt me please" about finding homes for hard to place children.

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