Friday, November 20, 2009

Angela the business woman or not

Sorry I haven't posted for so long
We are still here.

Hannah has bought a car which Noah has named Horton so Paul has to take her for a drive most nights so that she can take her test soon. She has also finished uni and is working some days in a jewellery shop, silver moon. which has the strange catch phrase 'never go naked'

Lily is avidly watching the new Harry Potter DVD and then acting it out with the dolls house. She is getting ready for the Special Olympics Nationals which start on Dec 2nd. Hannah is going to be a timekeeper (having passed the training last Sunday where she had to record times within 0.8 sec of the official timekeepers) Paul is going to be a first aider and timekeeper - much to the disgust of the medical organiser who thinks he can only do the one job as there'll be 300 athletes in the pool and only 2 first aiders. I think Paul is secretly hoping he gets leukaemia to manage rather than broken bones or seizures!

Isaac was officially weighed today by a home care nurse. He is 12kg clothed (he is still 11.3kg naked unofficially on our home scales) He is still having a lot of trouble with the skin round his button so we now have an appointment with the paediatrician on Dec 1st to discuss taking the button out!
He has had no nutrini through his button since Oct 24th and only about 500ml of water since Nov 1st, but as he still isn't drinking it would be a little scary to remove it.
I took him to McDonalds today to try a thick shake and he managed to drink a little so I think a lot of McDonalds visits are in order, Noah will be very pleased!

I am trying to do an MBA by reading a few business books while feeding Isaac so that I can support Paul in his trade and enterprise venture with INRonline. Paul has to go to Auckland for 2 days in December to learn about the American market and pitch to the NZ ministry of health.
He though I could go too as his business partner, so I started with the most important thing and went shopping for some business woman clothes. I got some good deals at the second hand shop (although the 80s shoulder pads on one jacket are a bit overwhelming) and I found two nice tops at half price in Farmers.
Anyway they've now said they only want Paul there although they may let me attend a few seminars. As we'd already arranged babysitting with Hannah though we've decided I might as well go anyway and just enjoy staying in the Heritage hotel and being there for Paul to tell me how he gets on.

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