Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Medical stuff - good and bad

The past three mornings (Friday, Monday, Tuesday) I've travelled into the hospital with Paul for various clinic appointments - you know you're there too often when the orthoptist recognises you, comes up to say hello and you say "Oh actually we're not here to see you, it's ENT with Lily today"

On Friday Isaac had his pre-op assessment for his grommet operation, this should mean his surgery would be within the next week or two. But on the Monday of that week at his opthalmology appointment they decided to operate on his squint again which is a more major operation than the grommets, so we are on that waiting list which may be 6 months and they will try to do grommets then as well. Monday was Lily's ENT which shows a moderate hearing loss in the left ear and a mild loss in the right ear. Her hearing aides correct these.
Today was Isaac's dietician appointment. She started by saying she just wanted to review all her children before Christmas and assumed nothing much had changed - so much for a multi-disciplinary feeding team sharing information!
So she found out that everything had changed as Isaac was now eating and had last had nutrini through his tube on Oct 24th and water on Oct 31st. It is somehow surreal to have a nutritionist nodding away happily when you say you are giving your child nutella and cream and golden syrup. She even had a few more suggestions like using "super milk" made by adding milk powder to milk and peanut butter (after a trial of a bit on the lip to check for allergy) and mixing yogurt with jelly to make a good texture. We've also been given the go-ahead to give him McDonalds milk shakes as they're thick and easy to drink and have high fat content.

But the post is supposed to be about the good and bad medical stuff.
The bad is that unfortunately my mum is feeling very tired and ill. She had an ECG and the doctor thought it was angina. Mum and dad have decided to cancel their trip to Oz and NZ which was due to start in 3 weeks time. We are all very sad about this. The sibling get together will still happen at my brother's in NSW but it won't be the same without mum and dad there. We are even more pleased now though that we've booked to go to UK next May to see My and Paul's parents.

The good medical stuff is that Paul's INR online business has made it to the finals of the NZ trade and enterprise competition for medical ideas to introduce to the USA. He is very excited and it looks like I may have to put on my businesswoman's hat and increase the number of staff by 50%!


Bronwyn said...

I'm not sure I like you reading the fat content on all of Isaac's foods and reporting it back! You keep picking on things "i love" but are too scared to look at the labels on, ie: Oreo's and McDonalds thick shakes. Just kidding, he is doing great and I shouldn't be eating them anyway. Sorry bout the cancelled holiday for your mum and dad, that must be very sad for everyone. I hope she is feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,
I was sorry to hear about your mother. I hope she is ok.
It sounds exhausting with all your medical appointments. Just as well you are so organised.
And great news that Paul's new business is doing so well.
I hope you have a great week,