Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sam and Lily's disappointments

Today was the Auckland marathon, which Sam had been in training for for over 6 months - he ran his first half marathon the weekend of our 30th anniversary party and was looking forward to running over the harbour bridge today. Unfortunately the pain he had been having in his knee grew worse and worse and an x-ray showed a stress fracture so he's had to pull out.
Lily understands his disappointment. She has been so looking forward to the show her dance school puts on. It is on at the Regent (our local theatre) and stars all 300 or so of the kids who attend the dance school. Her class is doing a few songs from the musical 'Joseph' and Lily has practiced really hard (we hear the joseph dvd three or four times a day blaring from her room!). She can even sing all the colours of the coat in the right order. She brought home the details of the show and we realised it was on next weekend which is the weekend she has already agreed to go to Christchurch to train with ten other young people as a self-advocate\ambassador for the NZ Down syndrome association.
Lily spent the evening she found out in floods of tears, we were holding our home group in the room above her bedroom and could hear her sobs. The next day she was still crying as she had breakfast and in the end I had to say that she could only cry in the house and NOT while she was at work. That afternoon I asked if she had cried at work and she said "I was crying inside" I asked why the phone was in her bedroom and she said "I don't want to tell you as I know you'll be cross" This never bodes well!
Turns out she had phoned the dance school (I pity the poor receptionist who probably couldn't understand a word of the story) and said "There are two things I want to get off my chest" (This is typical drama queen Lily) She went on to say how she wanted to be in the performances but had to go to Christchurch. Then she suggested that they hold another performance of the whole show involving 300 people that she could be in!


Anonymous said...

Wow, poor Lily. That is so funny and sad at the same time.

Bronwyn said...

That's so sad for Lily. She could have tried to ring and change the date of the DS event though! Breaks your heart to see our kids in tears when something is out of our control. Maybe she might like to go onto upside down website and watch the short clip of Hayley doing an Indian dance (it's on the front page) and Hayley is in lime green top with red pants. I'm sure you will recognise her.

NykieNoo said...

te he! bless her for calling them and getting them to do another show!! go Lily!