Sunday, January 24, 2010

final final stage of tube weaning

We've taken the step that marks the end of the tube feeding era and beginning of healthy little boy era and have moved Isaac out of our bedroom.
We've just returned from 3 nights in motels so Isaac's routine is pretty disturbed anyway so I thought this would be a good time to move him. We do have a spare room (although Hannah's friend appeared to be sleeping in it when we got back from our time away!) so I considered making it Isaac's room but Noah was adament that he wanted Isaac to share his room.
We've moved his cot his change unit and as of half an hour ago his clothes. This was a good opportunity to see how much clothse he has - I tend to pick up bargains on trade me or at second hand shops without really thinking whether he needs them. So it seems Isaac has 26 pairs of trousers!! I am now sending to the op shop those that don't have enough elastic in the waist to stay up or those that Noah once wore and are no longer in fashion (Paul says boys don't have fashion but how many little boys in orange check dungaree shorts have you seen around recently?)
Paul has two weeks holiday now so the plan is to finish unpacking the house and make sure everything has a place to live. We will also try to reclaim our bedroom and ensuite to ourselves after more than four years of having Isaac in with us with all his alarms and crying!
First night away from us wasn't that great and I was up with him twice last night unfortunately and also with Noah who had decided to sleep in the lounge as Isaac had woken him up. But it can only get better!

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