Wednesday, January 27, 2010

After 15 years NO TEENAGERS

Today is Hannah's 20th birthday (and therefore Sam and Anika's 3rd wedding anniversary - lovely to have two dates the same) and it means we no longer have a teenager in the house. We spent some time working out our teenager situation and realised there were two years when we had FIVE teenagers and two years when we had FOUR TEENAGE DAUGHTERS. Since Joe turned 13 in 1995 we have had teenagers living with us, not surprising our sanity is in question after 15 years! We now will have two and a half years to wait until Noah is a teenager.
We went out as a family to celebrate Hannah's birthday and spent the day in Greytown which is a lovely little antiques and coffee shops type town in the Wine region of NZ. We went to Puzzlewood and spent over two hours there - much longer than we'd anticipated. It was great for Noah and even Isaac with a playroom of puzzles. Hannah played a game called traffic jam and enjoyed it so much I bought her the small version from their shop as a birthday present.

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