Friday, January 15, 2010

Lazy days

January is SOOO quiet in New Zealand. At work Paul doesn't have the usual meetings and journal clubs. He often makes it home for lunch.
School doesn't start back for another two and a half weeks so we mostly laze around at home. I am trying to read all the latest Patricia Cornwell books in order - unfortunately for two of them its only been half way through that I realised I'd already read them!! We are also slowly watching our way through "Frasier". There are eleven series of this so it will take a while.
Beth has just left this morning to go back up to Auckland and Hannah is at a church youth camp called Soul Survivor so the house is a bit quieter than usual.
Noah loves having all this down time but still has to be watched or he finds mischief to make. Today he has taken down the washing line and scattered pegs all over the garden and locked the garage keys and part of the vacuum cleaner in the garage.
He has watched some of his Xmas present DVDs over and over. One of them is "Lilo and Stitch" so when we go to Disneyland in May (on our way to UK for mum's 80th birthday) we may stay at the Pacific Pier hotel which is lilo and stitch themed.
Isaac has managed to put on a small amount of weight, going from 11.6kg when he had his surgery to 11.9kg now. He is getting rather picky with his eating and has gone off calciyums which were the mainstay of his diet. he still won't drink, throws food on the floor if he has more than one thing on his highchair tray and refuses to spoonfeed himself.
I mentioned my concerns when the SLT visited and she is going to try to get us an appointment with the psychologist. I'll welcome that as he is certainly a very unusual little boy even if he doesn't really fit into an autistic disorder.
This last week we looked at a few wedding venues and have decided on the Coachman hotel as we all liked it and it will have rooms (in both the hotel and adjoining motel) at hand for guests (and to contain Noah and Isaac). We now hope we can persuade some guests to travel out from UK.


Nan P. said...

Glad to read that Isaac is putting on weight. The poor little thing has gone through so much!

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing all the Christmas photos. And Noah looked so incredbily handsome in his suit.
Great news that Isaac is putting on weight, but bad news about the picky eating. I can surely commiserate about that. I have no idea why both my boys are so unexcited about food when their mother is such an unadulterated pig.
Anyway, good luck with the psychologist.
Take care,

Mel said...

We had my dad's 60th at the Coachman, and I can highly recommend it. The best part was the service, which was just outstanding.

Luke is also into throwing food off his highchair tray. He is developing exceptional aim, but my kitchen is not looking so hot!