Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lily's birthday

Lily turned 22 on Sunday.
The only thing she really wanted was a whip (she is into Indiana Jones at the moment!).
I couldn't bring myself to give her one but instead got the Indiana Jones game for the Wii where she can use the controller like a whip.
She wasn't really very impressed at first but now she's played the game a few times she's getting to like it.
We went out to lunch at Aqaba (one of Palmy's nice restaurants) and luckily it was only as we were leaving (and also luckily for me it was Hannah carrying Heidi) that we found out that you don;t need to use as much lactulose for ordinary children who are constipated as you do for those with Down syndrome.
Like every mother I know of a child with Down syndrome I keep a big bottle of lactulose on hand, so when Heidi was constipated, before thinking of anything else I just added a slug of lactulose to her morning bottle.
I think the medical terminology would be that "it had good effect" and we ended up finding all the plastic bags in the car and changing her so that she travelled home wearing only a nappy and a cardigan!
We also discovered that Heidi has been picking up some of the sign language we use with Isaac. I was holding her in church and noticed her slapping her thigh (this is the NZ sign for dog) only then did I realise the vicar had just said something about "God"!

In the afternoon we went to an afternoon tea organised by the Down syndrome association, Paul stayed home and realised it was the first time he's been alone in this house!
Hannah babysat so that Paul and I could go to the 5 O'clock service where there was a singing group "Sons of Korah" who were excellent singing psalms - it also meant I now have a present to give Paul for fathers Day or his birthday as they were selling CDs.
We ended the birthday day by watching the original movie of Batman. This is such a spoof, but Lily and Noah enjoyed it absolutely seriously and now if we want Noah to do anything we just have to call him "Robin"!


Nan P. said...

A late birthday wish to Lily.

I love Heidi signing DOG. So clever, and also it shows she was listening.

As for "Robin - Noah", this boy sure make me smile!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lily! I can just imagine you with a whip :)
Take care,