Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Isaac's count down

Isaac's ORRS application is now in with everyone pretty sure he should get ORRS. As is policy for the application it doesn't mention he has Down syndrome except where they managed to slip in "His brother Noah has Down syndrome too"!
I have dragged my feet over it but next week we are changing to morning kindy 3 hours on Monday and Thursday and 4 hours on Wednesday. Isaac also starts his school visits - 4 Friday afternoons and then 3 Thursday mornings - this Friday afternoon he spends one and a half hours in the school library learning about the alphabet.
So looks like today and tomorrow are some of our last slow at home together days. I am full of cold (again) so we'll just have a quiet time together (with Heidi stopping it from being too quiet as she continues her dramatic development and climbs onto tables, slides off the bed and attempts to get down stairs!)
He seems entirely too small for school. It has been good having Heidi here so we can see there are children smaller than him!

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Bronwyn said...

I didn't realise you know longer put the diagnosis into an application, but hopefully this makes it a fairer system as I always felt children with autism missed out because of diagnosis. We put down syndrome on Hayley's two years ago as she was on reviewable (in fact every thing we could think off right down to the sore thumb)!!! it only seems like yesterday that you were taking Isaac home and soon he will be off to school, how exciting and scary.
Is Noah going to Intermediate next year or does his school go to Yr 8? Hayley is off to Remuera Intermediate (whole bus thing and all) which is really scary but it is an awesome school, they did very well with Cameron and they are so willing to take Hayley.