Monday, August 23, 2010

maybe winters ending

Its light by 7am now which makes a big difference to the ease of getting out of bed in the morning. It also means its still light when I give the little ones their bath in the evening.
We've even had a few days of playing outside (although mostly very muddy) and today I've got Isaac back to kindy as he is over his cough and cold.
Unfortunately he is hardly eating anything and at kindy this morning the teacher said it looked as though he'd lost weight.
We've decided not to start him at school for his 5th birthday after all as he is so fragile and the school teachers felt he was not ready.
Instead we are trying for an intensive care regime to try to up his weight and I am trying to steel myself for a play picnic each day (this is the main therapeutic time at Graz where children are allowed to explore food however they like) we have held 3 playpicnics now in Lily's bathroom with the bath ready run to pop Isaac into.
He will take a bit of various foods and will pick up a bottle and pretend to drink letting the fluid pour all down his front but he doesn;t eat big volumes,
Heidi joined in too yesterday and was delighted to be able to finger paint in custard!
She has been quite unwell over the weekend with a high temperature and cough. At one point Paul said to me "She's not really sick if she can make this much crying noise" He is mainly used to patients who need admission to intensive care for chest infections though so I said "Don't just think of her as a doctor but as her caregiver."
Anyway he kept me calm and he was right she recovered easily and is back to her usual self today.

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