Thursday, September 9, 2010

flooded river

We live right by the river although apparently we are not in a flood zone and the council tell us that most of Hokowhitu and the central square of Palmerston would flood before us.
Anyway after torrential rain on Monday the river flooded its banks and at its highest covered the grass all the way to the stop banks.
At about 2.30pm on Monday afternoon it came over by the little fishing platform then you could see the water actually moving across the grass. I went to school for Noah's IEP which lasted just over an hour and came home to see the river completely flooded (this was much more exciting than the IEP which seemed to be exactly the same as his last one!)

lots of people parked along the road to take photos and tell us this was the highest the river had been since the floods of 2004 (when we'd been living in Auckland)
The water was really wild with whole trees being washed along.
During the night they opened the flood gates (they had to get all the farmers whose fields were about to flood to move their stock first) and over Tuesday morning the river went down as fast as it had risen.
The photo of Noah in his suit shows what the river is usually like compared to the flooding.

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