Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hectic days

I got Isaac to kindy this morning to find all the other children dressed in pyjamas - I had managed to miss the notice about the kindy dress-up breakfast!
Life has become a bit hectic (when isn't it?)
Last Monday I got a letter saying pub charity had approved the application of the local Down syndrome association to attend the DS national forum which is held every 2 years. Unfortunately the forum started that Friday!! I had a hectic time ringing round everyone who might be interested offering them an all expenses paid trip to Auckland. Finally I went (leaving Paul at home alone on his birthday looking after 4 children!) with my friend who has adopted a little boy who is now aged 2.
I met up with my friends form Auckland and was able to introduce my two friends with adopted children to each other which was lovely.
I also got two nights undisturbed sleep (strange that luxury for me now is to get to bed by 10pm not chat till late) and got enthused again with some DS ideas.
The speaker from e reader pro (a special reading programme for children with DS) was there and inspired me to make some resources to teach Isaac to read, I bought a CD full of workbooks specially designed for Children with DS (precision academics) and now I'm mulling over whether Palmerston North could become a centre of excellence for Down syndrome in NZ and offer Down syndrome health clinics - Paul could fairly easily be persuaded to be the physician for these.

In a few days we're off to Sydney to see Beth and we just discovered that the season for 'Wicked' has been extended so we've bought tickets - all very exciting.


Mel said...

Hi Angela

The ereader pro lady is coming to Chch on Friday and I'm wondering if it is worth the trip up to have a look. I have new carpet going in that day and will have to take 2 children with me. What do you think?


Bronwyn said...

I'm all for a DS clinic. Go on Paul!

Angela said...

hi mel
there's nothing really new to the e reading programme but she is very good at explaining simply and bringing together all the different research into a programme that tells you exactly what to do each day for 14 months
a lot easier than developing your own - her first words and family name sand food which is why I'm adapting it for Isaac who has no interest in food