Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happier times

Rachel sent these lovely photos of her engagement party.

Sorry not to have blogged for so long following such a negative post!
Things have become much more manageable here now. Isaac is going to kindy every morning now in preparation for school next year and with Heidi gone this means I get a little time for myself some mornings!
My plan is to try studying again by doing some psychology papers next year at Massey (our local university) and I'm meant to be reading about psychology during these quiet times but actually I found myself addicted to the old TV series "West Wing" (I don't know how we missed it when it was on TV - it is probably even better than Boston Legal - so high praise from me indeed). I have now finished watching 7 seasons of 22 episodes each (I don't want to work out how much time that is!!) so can return to blogging and the general upkeep of the house (Joke!) and preparations for Christmas.
Beth and James are visiting next weekend when we hope to have a Thanksgiving/Christmas lunch with James' family.

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