Monday, November 8, 2010

What a week!

Packed week really - daughter Rachel got engaged, foster daughter moved on, my optician appointment said I might have early glaucoma, Lily's that she needs a cataract operation, Paul went for a busy few days and got food poisoning so badly he had to cancel his clinic and lie on his own examination couch all day, then give a very important lecture (with 30 people flying in from all over NZ) sitting down having eaten nothing for 24 hours.
We had a good relaxing weekend though, but this morning has started with 3 emails from trade me saying I (or could it possibly be the boy who played on the computer yesterday?) have pressed 'buy now' for three dvds and blue rays of Noah's favourite movie "How to train your dragon" (we don't even have blue-ray!). Lucky I have such a good sense of humour!!!

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