Monday, November 1, 2010

Rachel is engaged

Rachel and Adam two years ago on her 21st birthday
Another celebration in the family as Rachel phoned this weekend to say that on Thursday - their fifth anniversary of being together - her boyfriend Adam proposed to her.
The proposal sounds so romantic and to make it even more special when Sky City hotel (where they were planning a celebration weekend) heard, they were upgraded to a suite for free, with rose petals over the floor!
It was lovely to hear Rachel so excited and happy on the phone and she was able to give the good news to my dad in the UK on his 79th birthday as a special birthday present.

Rachel is now 23 and came to us when she was four and a half was adopted when she was eight and lived with us until she was 16. She had a very tough start to life with us being the seventh primary caregivers she'd had by age four and a half. I was told by one social worker that Rachel's family history was the worst the social worker had ever dealt with. Understandably Rachel was very reluctant to trust us (we had never heard of attachment disorder in 1992 as naive foster parents but Rachel was described to us as an unbonded child) and we had plenty of upset and difficult behaviour over the years.

I can remember first hearing of Adam five years ago when Rachel was in the middle of some really difficult circumstances and unable to hold down a job. He helped her out and has been a real stabilising influence on her since, quietly showing her how he patiently stayed with his job even when he didn't enjoy it, had a licence to drive his car and so on.

They now own a house together which they spend a lot of time decorating and Rachel has been in the same job for over two years.

I feel as though we were able to just about hold Rachel together for the eleven and a half years she lived with us, but now with Adam's help she has learnt to be part of a loving relationship and blossomed into the adult woman she deserves to be.

Congratulations Rachel and Adam!

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