Sunday, February 6, 2011

back to routine

It's a week today since we returned from our lovely Disneyland holiday for Hannah's 21st birthday. We had a great time there but unfortunately a severely delayed flight back (left at 2.30am rather than 9.15pm) - all my obsessional planning and packing lists paid off and we had enough snacks and clothes in our hand luggage to cope well with the extra time at LAX and then at Auckland domestic where of course we'd missed our connection to Palmy.
Hannah loved the shopping, American food portion sizes and all the fast rides at Disney. We bought a new car seat for Isaac that he can use rear facing Sunshine kids radian (250 American dollars rather than $600 in NZ) we also bought an ipad thinking we would make a great saving, but forgot they add tax at the till so it wasn't that much cheaper than NZ.
The Ipad has not been put down since we got it. I love reading magazines on it and we have some lovely apps for kids with special needs. It is lovely to see Isaac learning how to touch the buttons to get animal noises and it is even helping him speak as he say "Goodbye pig" as he touches the pictures in peekaboo barn.
Noah and Isaac have both started new schools and are very tired by the end of the day (which is rather early at 12.30 in Isaac's case).

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