Thursday, February 17, 2011

Noah at school

School seems to be going OK for Noah.
He is so proud that he is able to walk to and from school by himself (we can see the school over our back fence) but I wasn't too pleased when he decided to come home by another route one day by leaving school from the far entrance.
He told us he had silence lessons, (which would be quite a good idea for Noah actually), but when pressed on whether he had to keep quiet or not we realised they were SCIENCE lessons!
He also got a bit confused as his vocabulary isn't that broad, so one night at tea time he told us proudly that the teacher had been very pleased with him that day saying "Noah I am so disappointed in you" - seems he had run off when the bell went for the end of lunch. We've now explained that just because it's a big word "disappointed" isn't a positive thing to say about someone!

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