Tuesday, February 8, 2011

cure for self pity

I'd been felling a bit sorry for myself lately as the children's behaviour makes it so obvious that they are very different and much harder work than other children.
But two things have just happened to change my thinking, one positive one negative.
First it seems that Isaac has finally finally learnt to DRINK! He tips his head right back and takes two or three swallows in a row. He has just had his first ever drink of nutrini and if we can get reasonable amounts of this into him we'll no longer have to worry so much about his diet and eating sloppy foods. It may even get him to put on some weight - he was back down to 12.2kg at his January hospital appointment and I think he lost even more when we were on holiday and out of routine.
Second my friend Bridget has just heard that her lovely Peter has relapsed with leukaemia, he was the first baby with Down syndrome that we got to know when we lived in Swanson, Auckland and I remember going to his "celebration of learning to walk" party with Isaac.
It is so so sad that the leukaemia has returned and after such a long four year fight to get his ALL in remission. I'm sure she'd appreciate your thoughts and prayers while they are faced with difficult decisions.
Suddenly the issues my children have fade into insignificance and my life seems wonderful after all.

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