Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy World Down syndrome day

Today the 21st day of the third month is a reminder that people with DS have three copies of chromosome 21. Down syndrome international have put together a video of people with Down syndrome from 45 countries and it is our Noah (and Hannah's boyfriend Thomas) who represent NZ - you can see the video by clicking here.
We've just had a great w/e seeing Beth who was over here for a few days to be bridesmaid to one of her friends. We've sorted out a few more details for her wedding which is now less than 4 weeks away! We also went to the dedication of Malachi (Beth's nephew to be) which was lovely.
Joe gets back from Korea in under 2 weeks and will see our house for the first time.
I am finding it very very hard work being back at uni after 30 years but I'm enjoying it. I have realised though that I was not at home doing nothing as I believed. it is very hard fitting in uni round the kids and tomorrow I'm going to have to miss a lecture as our babysitter is sick.

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