Saturday, April 9, 2011

wedding countdown begins

Joe is home from Korea now. Here we are meeting him at the airport last Sunday. He was very embarassed to have to pose for the phto - he'd forgotten what our family is like in his two years away!

It was great to see Joe again and he's lost 30kg! Isaac was totally overwhelmed. He was happy to see Joe and asked to be picked up but once Joe did Isaac scratched him till he drew blood!

Hannah has flown to Auckland. Beth flew from Sydney to Auckland last night and as I write the hens night should just be beginning there, attended by all the bridesmaids apart from Lily along with Rachel and Anika.

Tomorrow Beth and Hannah catch the same flight to Palmy.

I am racing like mad to do as much Massey study as possible today and work on my next assignment now so that once Beth comes I can concentrate on the wedding.

it is gettign very exciting now and this time next week we'll be at the reception!!

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