Thursday, March 15, 2012

suitable birthday gift for Lily's friend

When we were in Wellington hospital and soon afterwards we were not monitoring Lily's money and were shocked to discover that in one weekend she had taken out $240 on Friday, Saturday and Monday and could only account for about $200 of the $720. She may have left money in the machine, given it to a beggar or her friends or dropped it but she just has no idea. Anyway since then we have been tightly monitoring her money so I was involved in getting a birthday present for her friend - a guy with DS turning 23. I asked her what she thought he'd like - when it became apparent that she had no idea of his favourite foods or music (even though she spends each Monday afternoon with him) In the end I asked her what she thought he liked doing as we could get him something related to that. After some thought she said we could maybe buy him a magazine of naked ladies as he keeps one in his bedroom and loves to look at it!
I did consider this but got a T-shirt instead!


Hayley's mum said...

That's so funny (the naked ladies that is not Lily loosing money). Maybe next year a book voucher?

BridgetPirie said...

Ha! That is SO funny!!!