Wednesday, April 11, 2012

further relaxation

You can tell life is more uneventful as yesterday I wanted to wear my favourite T-shirt (pink with 'it's a small world' logo from Disneyland) and I took it out the packed hospital bag! At the same time I took out Noah's two pairs of pyjamas, one of which was bought specially for his last hospital trip. I think the new definition of whether or not a child has a significant medical condition should be whether or not parents have a packed hospital bag ready to go!
I have two Massey assignments to do over the holidays, one is a task based job analysis of Paul's work (I chose him as he is the only person in full time employment I know well enough to interview) this is quite hard as a lot of the tasks he does as a consulatant are 'thinking' or 'adapting' so hard to describe. I also have to do a literature review for somethign that's been in the news and is related to abnormal psychology. I decded to choose PANDAS (those of you who know me from long back will remember the PANDAS project of 2000 when I was involved in trying to get a Palmerston North development assessment and support centre for preschoolers with special needs, so I thought the title was apt) paediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder related to group A streptococcus, this should hopefully up my medical knowledge of immunology and microbiology too. Its an interestign disorder (if it really exists) where after a throat infection children develop sudden onset OCD and tics. I am pulling out news reports from New York where multiple teenagers in one school developed tics and some parents insisted it was PANDAS not mass hysteria and got Erin Brokovitch in to look for toxins (presumably not related to sore throat).

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