Sunday, April 22, 2012

school holidays

We are now reaching the end of a relaxing two weeks of holiday. The two boys and I accompanied Paul to his two day clinic in New Plymouth and even though I was initialled concerned about how we would fill the time between needing to leave the motel at 10am and Paul's clinic finishing at 3pm we coped well, spending well over half an hour at the tourist information place where Noah played on the interactive map and Isaac watched the 12 screen TV. We also went to see the Lorax at the movies and Isaac behaved relatively well and was luckily surrounded by many young children not behaving much better. I said I would practice driving on the way back and drove from Egmont village to Inglewood (possibly 2% of the journey) not exactly sharing the driving! In Inglewood a lady opened the toy museum for us that was supposed to have closed (this is why I like NZ) very interestign to see how they made lead model cars in atiny cottage industry based on the toys the owners kids liked.
Back to school tomorrow and I am hoping I cleared out Isaac's lunch box at the end of last term and will not find it going mouldy in his school bag tomorrow morning!

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