Thursday, June 4, 2009

Glasses and cousins

My sister and her three children visited on Sunday night, it was our first set of family visitors and the house swallowed us all nicely.

We went to the jazz service which was held at our church as part of the Palmerston North jazz festival and Caroline ended up sitting by our local MP who at 28 is one of the youngest in Parliament.

Noah and Isaac have both got their glasses, they are special frames for children with Down syndrome and fit fairly well. Noah can be bribed to wear his for short periods of time,
but Issac needs people to hold him down while he screams!

Noah had a swimming lesson yesterday - his teacher has the patience of a saint and lets him learn at his own snail like pace. Yesterday she asked the kids to float in the shape of an 'X' (arms and legs both wide open) then close their legs to make a 'Y' then close their arms too to make an 'I'
When it came to Noah's turn he told her he wanted to make a 'W'! Everyone at the poolside was laughing!

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Anonymous said...

That is so funny about Noah wanting to make a W in swimming. Sounds like he's got a pretty good sense of humour.
And that photo of Isaac sure made me laugh and remember Pete when he first got his glasses. We had to hold his arms too and it was a minute by minute (or second my second) thing. Glasses are the bane of my life.
Have a great week,