Tuesday, September 29, 2009

clocks change but not for Lily

We have now changed to daylight saving meaning we had one hour less sleep on Sunday - I was a bit late for church because of this and because I'd spoken to my mum on the phone without noticing the time and because Hannah kindly offered our big car to a family at church who are without theirs for ten days leaving not enough seats for all our kids plus one sleeping over, so that Hannah and I had to walk to church.
We got round to changing most of our clocks but forgot about Lily who because she can't tell the time never uses her watch or mobile phone time on Sunday.
Next morning I was at home chatting to Lily (because it's school holiday here - most Mondays I would be taking Noah to school) when I noticed it was ten past nine and said "What time are you supposed to leave for work?" Lily said "I go at nine oh oh on Mondays and its only eight one 0h now" That's when I realised we'd overlooked her and she had to run like mad to catch the bus. There are loads of little things like this that are quite irritating looking after an adult with DS even someone fairly independent like Lily. Another one is that because she can't read, she doesn't bother to open her mail each day - I must make a point of asking her if she got any and seeing it myself.

We are still trying to encourage Isaac to eat without getting frustrated ourselves. He has had just 500mls of Nutrini overnight for the past two days in the hope that he will become hungry and thirsty during the day. His first response though is still to throw any food or drink we give him and it makes a big, big mess. We were brave enough to try a play picnic (encouraging him to play with food rather than eat it - you can see we chose a corner of the kitchen floor enclosed a bit by cupboards and covered it with one of Noah's brolly sheets) and the two photos are from that. Then I bathed Isaac and Paul just about hosed down the kitchen!!

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