Tuesday, September 22, 2009

end of Isaac's tube weaning trial

Today we've gone back to Isaac's full amounts of feed by tube, having learnt that the window between him being hungry enough to try food and being ill and weak with dehydration and hunger is extremely small!
It is also very hard not to pressurise a child into eating when you know how little food they've had and we don't want to end up as totally obsessed stressed out parents. So we'll still let him play with food each mealtime (with little hope that he'll actually eat any of it) and maybe will still tube feed him the bulk of his food overnight in the hope that he'll feel a little hunger during the day.
He had some enjoyable days not being tied to a tube during the day at all and the optimism we had was wonderful while it lasted! We are more hopeful now that one day he will learn to eat.


Anonymous said...

Poor little Isaac. It's not easy is it? I wish I could pass on some of my gluttony genes to him.
Take care,

Nan P. said...

When you think of it, it is very early days, he only started trying only about a week ago or thereabouts. Hard for anyone to change what is a life time behaviour and learning in such a short time.

Being hopeful is the best thing. And something might just click at some stage while he is playing with the food. Keep us informed.