Friday, September 25, 2009

wild weather and Paul's competition success

I was only half listening to the radio news yesterday morning when it advised farmers in the South Island to bring stock inside (I was more excited when Isaac heard a Canadian goose call as the 7am timer and signed 'dog') but now in hindsight I had never heard that before and should have expected a cold day!
Isaac was wrapped up in three layers and nicely covered with his pushchair hood and apron, but I just wore one layer and a raincoat and set off on my 10km round walk to ABCD therapy group.
On the way back it rained continously with a really biting wind - the kind of weather in the UK where you think 'snow is coming'
I got so cold that I had to go into a supermarket to warm up. I looked to see if they sold gloves and as they didn't bought a pair of socks to wear on my hands!!
Anyway this morning it's proof of how cold it was as we can see snow on the hills all around us - we have never seen snow by the windmills before.

Paul is pleased to have got into the semi-finals of a business competition run by NZ trade and enterprise. He and Joe have developed an on-line programme for warfarin management which has now taken over warfarin management for the rural Gisborne area of NZ and is gradually getting more individual customers sign up to it.
He's been asked now to 'give a pitch' about INR online in Auckland so will stay with Sam and Beth overnight, do his pitch then fly to Gisborne for a 3 day clinic.


Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,

I love visiting your site and seeing what you are all up to. I have started warfarin and was particularly interested in the site, I have browsed through it and think it is an awesome concept. Nothing annoys me more than lengthy waits for a blood test and then phone calls etc etc. I am having surgery in a few weeks for a new valve and descending aorta, when things are settled I will look at joining!
Hannah Blow

Angela said...

thanks Hannah - I liked keeping up with Laura's caring bridge site too.
Paul will be delighted if you spread the word about convenience that's what lots of his cleints say and they especially like it when they're away on holiday