Wednesday, September 16, 2009

highest calorie baby food

While we were in the states we came across some pretty high calorie desserts - one of the good things there was that some menus are calorie counted, but the bad thing is how high the count can be -over 1000 calories for some desserts at the California pizza kitchen and I think the volcano (of brownie, cream and ice-cream with a sparkler on the top) we shared at the Rainforest cafe was probably higher still.
But at the moment I am trying to come up with high calorie things that Isaac will try. We have decided to only tube feed him at night now and drop his volumes a bit to make him a little hungry during the day.Because he has never eaten orally its a big scary experience for him to have things in his mouth but today (just after Paul returned from a four day trip to the Philippines and was here to witness) he managed to swallow a few mouthfuls of my high calorie invention - nutella mixed with cream to a thick liquid consistency.
We had to appear as though there was nothing momentous about the occasion (the more fuss you make the more likely it is the child will use food refusal as a control battle) but were actually very excited! Perhaps we can dream that one day Isaac will decide how much food he needs for himself and eat it like any other child!

A jet lagged Paul has just gone off with Lily to watch Noah be "under the sea' in his school production. It is wonderful how all the children with special needs are included - one very hyperactive little boy with autism who has to have his hand held at all time is starring as a pukeko ( a NZ bird and I have no idea how that fits in with under the sea!) and his special needs teacher is starring as a bush right behind him!


Anonymous said...

That is fantastic about Isaac's eating.
And so funny about the teacher aide starring as a bush. I hope Noah had a great time.

Nan P. said...

Great news about Isaac. I admire how calm and collected you seem to have been when he ate, I would have been jumping up and down, and telling everyone very loudly. I truly hope that things move along nicely for him.

And I can think of a few male members of my family who would never say "no" to a pancake dribling with nutella and fresh cream...

Mel said...

The nutritionist recommended olive oil mixed in with things to raise the calories, or avocado for Luke when he was tiny. Those are of course the healthy options, so probably not as tasty as what he has just tried ;)

Bronwyn said...

Semi soft ice cream and chocolate sauce might go down okay (would with me and I often catch Cameron just pouring straight chocolate sauce into his mouth)!. The superclinic used to tell me to add coconut cream to food to add fat, it went well with sloppy mashed potato. My favourite would be quite a few mouthfuls of condensed milk - yum, Hayley would eat a whole tub of "dip" by herself minus the chips. Hope some of these suggestions help. Go Isaac.