Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Last day of holidays

Noah seems to have finally settled into the holidays now. His days mainly consist of watching the Aladdin dvd (his current obsession) and lying on the sofa - I think he is a teenager in training.
We have been counting down with him for a while the number of days till school start and yesterday when the count was two, we went to buy school stationery and noticed that Noah was limping badly. He has a major pus filled lesion on the ball of his foot underneath his big toe - we think he may have stood on some glass a week ago when he was out kite flying with Hannah.
He usually loves going swimming and just last week learnt to swim under water for short distances, but yesterday he didn't even enjoy walking around the pool.
We were going to let Noah choose fun things today for his last day of holidays, but instead ended up at City Doctors so he could have the pus excised from his foot.
We warned him what was likely to happen and he started by saying how brave he was because when we went to Te Papa last week he went in the earthquake exhibit and stayed in the house that shakes (before he has always run out at the last minute). He managed to be brave for about half a minute but then said "but it does still hurt, it prickles" as tears rolled down his cheeks.
They got a bit of pus out but no glass and he now has a dressing on and is on antibiotics. I may not even be able to send him back to school tomorrow. What a great start to the school year!
Still we've said he can have lunch out as a treat. I hope we find something Isaac will eat too, he is looking quite good but I can't imagine he can survive on only 600ml of fluid a day for too long. Some days he seems to only eat three calciyums and a few cheese balls. We see the speech language therapist tomorrow and he will be weghed agian the week after so we'll have more idea about whether he is eating an adequate diet.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is so brave of Noah. Both my boys would have been screaming and running for the door.

Hua said...

Hi Angela,

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog and I thank you for sharing your amazing story.

I look forward to more updates. I hope all is well and that the kids are doing great.


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