Wednesday, May 19, 2010

holiday soon

We're counting down the days until the boys and I fly to LA and meet up with Paul, then 5 days at Disneyland and onto UK for my mum's 80th birthday.
We have packed and unpacked cases, decided what things of ours Paul could squeeze into his case (avoiding white powder and children's undies so that he isn't suspected of being a drug smuggler or child pornographer) and think we have entertainment and essentials for up to 48 hours in our hand luggage.
I keep thinking of more things like vouchers for money off deals and documentation of Noah's behaviour issues (then hopefully we'll get a guest assistance pass at Disneyland) and food and fluid that Isaac is likely to eat on the journey. We are very lucky that it's a 12 hours overnight flight and that Sam and Anika are meeting us at Auckland airport to help us transfer terminals. I think the worse bit will be once we're through passport control at LAX when I have to collect all our bags and make it outside - but then Paul should be waiting!
He is having a good but very busy time in the states with NZ trade and enterprise. Yesterday he did his pitch in San Francisco to the judges of the competition, today is lots of networking then catching the red eye to Washington for breakfast at the NZ embassy. After two nights in Washington they catch the train to New York then he flies back to LA to arrive 20 minutes before us.
Noah is very excited and keeps trying to pretend it is already Saturday. he also likes to take out his toys from his bum bag and keep looking at the new DVDs I've bought to go with our portable DVD player. They are having trouble with his behaviour at school and he has ended up in time out again (after climbing out a window) and getting told off by the head teacher.


GB's Mom said...

I hope you enjoy your well earned vacation :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I hope you have a great time, and that you all arrive in one piece and without too much stress. You are one brave woman!