Sunday, May 2, 2010

Last chaotic weekend (we hope)

When people say to me "I couldn't do foster care. I would hate to give the children up." I sometimes wonder what they mean. Usually kids in foster care (for lots of very good reasons not their own) are not nice lovable kids. A and U are very hard work with very few rewards at the moment and we are just about counting down the days until they move. Should be Friday, so that we can have some quiet family time before we start our travels to the UK for my mum's 80th birthday.
A refuses to obey almost everything I ask and U follows his lead whenever possible. They don;t want to sleep when I put them to bed,then they don;t want to wake up from their daytime naps. They continually touch things we ask them to leave alone - the computer, the TV, the fridge, the toothpaste, the microwave. A deliberately poohs in his nappy once he's woken up in the morning after telling me he doesn't need the toilet.
And the tantruming, whinging and crying is getting us down. Lily has to leave the room as the high pitched noise hurts her hearing aides. They also don't stay in the place I put them to finish their tantrum (I choose somewhere near me in eyesight in case there are issues of being left alone in the past) just repeatedly get down until I worry about hurting my back lifting them.
It still takes an hour or more for them to settle at night - with getting out of bed, giggling, trying to keep each other awake and so on.
ON Saturday we finally gave way to Noah who had been asking to go out for lunch for the past three weekends. So we went to "Donalds" as A and U shout each time we pass McDonalds.
We let the boys play in the playground as I crossed the road to do some supermarket shopping so Paul had to get all four boys in the car to come and pick me up. He say it is an experience he will never forget, carrying post-op red-eyed Isaac in one hand a screaming A in the other and persuading Noah to hold hands with U and follow!
But it's made me quite proud of how well we are managing and its made it clear that we should never take two pre-schoolers again!

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GB's Mom said...

Amen! It is good to know your own limits :)