Friday, May 7, 2010

Noah's viking hat

After foster children leave I want to have a tradition of going out to eat as a smaller family, so last night Paul and I with Isaac and Noah (Lily and Hannah were out) went to eat at the food court for late night Thursday closing.
Then Noah and I looked round K-Mart while Paul tried to persuade Isaac to drink some of his McDonalds thick shake. Noah loves the movie "How to tame your dragon" and was delighted to find a Viking hat like hiccup wears. As it was only $6 we bought it. Noah said something about his f******* hat and at first I thought "Oh no, what language did the foster boys teach him?" Then I realised he just can not pronounce "Viking". I have had to put a special note in his school bag today to tell the teacher he is not swearing if he tries to tell him about the hat!

Noah was also quite funny when he told me. "I made a 'don't tell mummy' at school today" Could it have anything to do with the upcoming Mother's Day do you think?

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Nan P. said...

That is so nice "I made a don't tell mummy" - so cute and innocent. I love it. :-)