Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kapahuka Noah

Noah takes part in his school kapahuka group learning about traditional Maori dance and singing. He came home after kapahuka, looked at Heidi and decided to teach her about her heritage. I said "That's a good idea, sing your songs to her." But he had to disappear downstairs first. He went to the dressing up box and came back up dressed in a pirate hat and striped T-shirt and said "I am a mouldy lady" - he wouldn't be persuaded that the word is Maori (actually the the pronunciation is like mouldy with the 'd' changed for an 'r')
Luckily Heidi didn't seem to find it racist or offensive but rather enjoyed joining in with Noah's songs!
Today we went to ABCD group and six children with DS were there.
It is such a supportive group, I will really miss it when Isaac starts morning Kindy which he will do in the next few weeks to get him ready for school. Music time was great and it was wonderful to see how much Heidi enjoyed herself. It was also quite reassuring to see that at this group her usual group behaviour changed somewhat. She preferred to stay close to me and steered well clear of the only man in the room. This is in contrast to her usual enforced gaiety and arms out to everyone, so maybe just slowly she is beginning to bond to us.
Of course we are beginning to bond to her too. (Even Paul thinks she's cute although she won't go to him) Already we know it's going to be hard when she leaves.

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Nan P. said...

The story of Noah and his interpretation of Maori culture made me smile. Also that Heidi joined in with Noah. It's nice she is enjoying being with the boys.

How long is she going to stay with you? It must be so hard giving a child back...