Friday, April 15, 2011

Lily thought she'd missed the wedding

The groom's twin brother David is to be best man and photographer at the wedding. To make life a little easier he decided to take a few photos in advance on Tuesday. Rain is forecast for Saturday and Tuesday was a glorious day so he got some really good shots of them in the rose garden where James proposed to Beth and by the law books in the central library. Lily didn't realise this was happening and as she arrived home, there were James and Beth in all their wedding glory. Lily said in a rather subdued manner "You look nice" but she looked like she was about to cry. When Beth asked her about it Lily said she thought she'd missed the wedding! Poor Lily. So Lily now knows that Beth wouldn't dream of getting married without Lily there and preparations continue.

Paul had yesterday and today off work so we went to the supermarket and did our biggest shop ever (still only got 20c a litre off petrol though!) ready to host a kitchen tea, a bridesmaids breakfast (where the guys will cook!) and a Sunday brunch. Beth says she'll invite everyone at the reception to this so I hope they come as we now have enough food for about 100!

My brother Jon and his wife Bev fly in from Sydney this afternoon, my sister Carolin and family arrive soon after lunch, Rachel and Adam late this afternoon and Sam and Anika late this evening. We have a rehearsal at 5.30 then a mad rush to get Isaac and Noah to bed before a family meal at a local restaurant 'Bethany's' we should have 13 at that and then 15 for coffee afterwards once Sam and Anika arrive.

We have made Noah a social stories book about the wedding on the ipad (using stories2learn app) some of the pages say "I will be a page boy, I will start the wedding" "I will go in a smart car with ribbons on it" - he loves this one as ribbons and wires are an obsession for him "On Saturday we will have a bridesmaid breakfast at our house. I will help dad cook" - he is a bit worried he will burn himself as he know thins we expect him to cook us a full meal! "Vicky will play the piano and I will walk slowly down the aisle." (Vicky is the bestman/photographers wife - so we are fully using guests! "I will smile at everyone then I will sit by mum and watch dad and Beth walk down the aisle" - we have practised this a little and get quite a lot of grimacing but I'm hoping true joy will take over on the day - Noah choose the photo to accompany this page as

"I will sit quietly while James and Beth are married then I will sing loudly "How great thou art" - the kids all love this song and I'm sure Noah and even Isaac will join in.

"At the end I will hold Beth's train and walk out of church" Noah thinks this other meaning of the word train is hilarious and keeps telling us he will carry a Sydney underground train - we actually tried to practise the train with Beth and Isaac while Beth was dressed for the photos but unfortunately Isaac thought it was a parachute game like they played at school and immediately tried to get under it - it will be interesting to see how he does on the day!

"David and Diana will take lots of photos. I will do what they ask me to do."

"I will sit quietly and listen to the speeches"

"I will stay up late dancing and dancing. It will be a lovely wedding." Noah has again chosen the photo - seems like we'll have a wild 1970s time!

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Robyn said...

What a lovely ceremony and all the Harper clan scrubbed up wonderfully well. Congratulations Noah on your exceptional behaviour, you did the family proud. Hope the rest of the day was a day to remember (excluding the wee matter of rain).