Tuesday, April 19, 2011

wedding photos at last!

A wonderful wonderful wedding brilliant speeches, beautiful people, lots and lots of tears

the boys both made it down the aisle at the right time (Noah then played with maps on the IPad and didn;t even watch Beth and Paul come down!)

these first photos are just our snaps before the ceremony (too rushed to take any more once things started!)

my tears started seeing Beth in her dress, then gettign all 8 kids together on the stairs then seeing Beth with Paul.

It was just very very special, all the family together, dressed up and on top form.


Angeline Quick. said...

She looks so beautiful. You all do.

Anonymous said...

What awesome photos.
Is Noah as tall as Lily now?
A lovely one of you too, Angela!

Nan P. said...

Beautiful photos. The second one in particular, with all of them on the stairs. I hope you are very proud of yourself for raising such a beautiful family!